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Street Art Tour

To celebrate the successful completion of the fall semester, International Office decided to take the Sup'Biotech International Students on a tour of Paris. And not the classic ramble around the pantheon of traditional Parisian landmarks: this was a tour with a modern twist!


The tour began on Rue Oberkampf, where we saw illegally painted works by well-known street artists such as Sheppard Fairy, famous worldwide for his Andre the Giant stencils and his campaign poster for Barack Obama, and a French artist with the risqué name of Chiotte. The students were fascinated to hear about the 'tagging wars' that different graffiti and street art 'crews' engage in, and the different traditions and practices that define the street art community in Paris.

street art bar a bouqin.jpg

We continued our tour as far as Belleville, finishing off with a walk down Rue Denoyez. Here, unlike the rest of the city, artists are free to come and paint the walls whenever and however they like. We had the chance to observe an artist in action, painting a giant seahorse in the space where a double portrait had been. Apparently the space is so well used by artists that it is rare for a particular work to stay longer than two or three days before it is painted over!

street art woman hair.jpg

street art cat.jpg

After the tour was over, we decided to stop in at Angelina on the Rue de Rivoli. The notoriously rich African Hot Chocolate was just what was needed to warm up again after our wintery walk! It was a great opportunity for staff and students to exchange opinions, ideas and anecdotes about the fall semester, and much enjoyed by all present. To those who are staying for the Spring Semester, it's see you next year; for those who will be leaving us and returning to their home countries, we wish you all the best in your future studies and professional endeavors. And a very Merry Christmas to all!

Sup'Biotech's Semester Abroad: News from the University of Queensland

The festive season is finally here! For third-year students at Sup'Biotech, this means the end of the adventure that is their Semester Abroad. At our partner institutions across the globe, our students are handing in final essays, returning their library books and packing their suitcases, ready to come home for Christmas. Among them are Gabriela Sachet-Fernandez and Louis Faure-Geors, two third-years who have spent the semester at the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, Australia. Here, they share the highs and lows of their experience with Alicia Hogan, from the International Office at UQ.


Louis Faure-Geors

1) What was your favourite thing about UQ? What I really enjoyed about UQ is the grading system based mostly on regular essays that we have to submit. Compared to weekly exams, it's a better way to evaluate the student, in my opinion. The campus is also extraordinary, like a small city in itself, and the freedom provided by the schedule is especially enjoyable for a foreign student.

2) What was your favourite course? My favourite course was Australia's Terrestrial Environment. In this course you study about all the fauna and the vegetation in Australia which is really interesting and the field trip (which is really not a vacation!) allowed me to see gorgeous landscapes.

3) What was your favourite thing about Brisbane / your favourite place in Brisbane? My favourite thing about Brisbane was the total difference in the architecture compared to a European city. My favourite place in the city was South Bank, as the view is nice and there are a lot of nice tiny bars near the River, it's perfect to watch the twilight.

4) What was the biggest difference between studying at Sup'Biotech and studying at UQ? There many differences but in my opinion the biggest one is the amount of free time you have when you study in UQ. If you don't fill this free time with activities it can be depressing so subscribe to different clubs and or the gym is the advice.

5) Was there anything you found difficult about studying at UQ / living in Brisbane? The thing that makes studying at UQ hard is that in all the classes, even the one dedicated to foreign students, the vast majority of the other students will be either from the UK or from the US and so the level of English required can be hard to reach. But having friends from an English speaking country can counter that, as they can provide help for proofreading essays.

6) Would you recommend UQ to your classmates? Why? I definitely recommend it for two main reasons. The first reason is you get to live in a country with a totally different culture/landscape/fauna, which is an amazing experience. The second one is that for those who still live with their family, as was the case for me, living by yourself for five months really makes you grow up. Here, 'down under', you are really cut off for five months from your former life. It's a new start, and this is definitely something worth experiencing as a young adult.


Gabriela Sachet-Fernandez

1) What was your favourite thing about UQ? My favourite thing about UQ is the campus itself. It is full of life, there is always something going on.

2) What was your favourite course? My favourite course was MARS2005 : Australia's Marine Environment, mainly because of the field trip to Heron Island.

3) What was your favourite thing about Brisbane / your favourite place in Brisbane? My favourite thing about Brisbane is its location. You can be on the Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast in just one hour, and it is half way between Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef, so it's easy to explore the country.

4) Was there anything you found difficult about studying at UQ / living in Brisbane? Having all my courses in English was a little bit difficult when I arrived, but I rapidly got used to it.

5) Would you recommend UQ to your classmates? Why? Of course I would recommend UQ to my classmates. It was a lovely experience, and if I could do it all again, I'd do it without hesitation.

Housing Anywhere

The International Relations team at Sup'Biotech is delighted to announce the successful renewal of their collaboration with Created in 2009 by Nils Van Deuren, a Dutch student who rented his own student accommodation out while on a semester abroad in Singapore, this innovative platform allows students to rent their rooms to foreign students while they study abroad. Sophie Picavet, Director of International Relations, has already had the opportunity to work closely with HousingAnywhere in the past. The new agreement was finalized during a productive meeting with Irma Barros Leão, Account Manager & Promotion Coordinator for France, Belgium, Portugal and Brazil.

In 2017, Sup'Biotech will be sending 146 students on exchange programs with partner institutions across the world. We hope that working with will enable our students to recover some of their travel costs, while helping other students from across the world to find a place in Paris. logo.jpg

Dr. Jarray returns from Chitkara University's 8th Global Week

This week saw the return of Dr Rafika Jarray from Chitkara University's 8th Global Week. Having been invited to share her particular expertise in the use of pluripotent stem cells in disease modelling, Dr Jarray arrived in Chandigarh on the 17th October to deliver a week of lectures. By all accounts, the staff and students at Chitkara were delighted with the opportunity to learn from, and work alongside, such a highly engaging and qualified researcher.

Rafika Jarry Chitkara.jpg

The Global Week provided also provided Dr Jarray with an exciting opportunity to meet and converse with colleagues at Chitkara University - already an established partner of Sup'Biotech - and other visiting professors, from universities and higher education colleges around the globe. Many interesting opportunities for collaboration and partnership were discussed with various colleagues. The week's events, which included trips to the Golden Temple at Amritsar and the Kasauli Hill Station, also included ample opportunity to discover the impressive facilities at Chitkara University, and the thriving academic and entrepreneurial environment both on campus, and, in a wider sense, in the city of Chandigarh.

group shot Chitkara.jpg

High Flyers: Gold medal for the IONIS group at the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition

The IONIS group is very proud to announce that a team composed of students and staff from Sup'Biotech and five other IONIS schools have once again brought home a gold medal from this year's iGEM competition. Their success comes after more than ten months of painstaking collaborative research and design. The winning entry, named Quantifly, was awarded gold by the iGEM jury this week, as well as being nominated for three separate awards in the overgrad category: Best Environment Project, Best Presentation and Best Applied design.

image2.JPGQuantifly is a highly innovative concept, relying on a marriage between modern aeronautics and biotechnological excellence to create a drone capable of detecting common pollutants in the air that we breathe. It seeks to address an important and increasingly dangerous problem of modern urban life, that of reduced air quality, by using a biosensor to detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in our environment. The challenge for the team was to design and build a biosensor that quickly and efficiently identified such pollutants, and to house this safely within a drone. The Quantifly team solved the problem of detection by using bacteria that respond to bioluminescence, created by the presence of VOCs. The next challenge was to build Quantifly itself, the airborne mobile detection platform which contains the bacteria. The finished prototype is shown here, surrounded by the successful team.


The IONIS team competed with 279 other teams from all over the world to bring home the gold: nations represented at this year's competition include, among others, The United States, Canada, Chile, Kazakhstan, Japan, South Korea, Egypt, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, and Australia.


French President François Hollande visits the Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus

On Monday, October 3, 2016, President François Hollande visited the Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus. Joined by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, Minister for National Education, Higher Education and Research, Myriam El Khomri, French Minister for Work, Employment, Professional Training and Social Dialogue, Patrick Kanner, Minister of Urban Affairs, Youth and Sports, Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs and Innovation, and Clotilde Valter, Secretary of State for Professional Training and Apprenticeship, the French president officially inaugurated the Grande École du Numérique (GEN). IONIS Education Group President and CEO Marc Sellam, Executive Vice-President Fabrice Bardèche and Managing Director Marc Drillech were on hand to welcome the President and his entourage.


Boasting a range of training courses in the digital sector, primarily intended for young individuals with no diplomas or professional qualifications, employment seekers or those looking to change careers, the Grande École du Numérique already has a network of 171 programs bearing its label, including Web@cadémie, a pionner in the field, part of the IONIS Education Group on the Paris Kremlin-Bicêtre Campus alongside EPITA, Epitech, Ionis-STM and the Coding Academy. Visiting the schools and students involved in this program, François Hollande emphasized his desire to see this free training program expand, which will help encourage the professional and social integration of a growing number of people to meet the needs for employment in the digital sector.

Sup'Biotech's 2017 International Fair

Sup'biotech is thrilled to hold its 5th International Fair on the January 23th 2017, from 2pm to 5pm. The International Fair is the occasion for students and their family to meet with our different partners and have the opportunity to choose where they would like to study for a semester.

In order to register please fill this from.

Sup'Biotech's 2016 Integration Weekend

Every year the integration weekend is one of the most anticipated event by students!

This year the event was organized from September 30th to October 1st. Our international students had the most fun!! This week-end was the occasion for them to have a blast. They learned more about the French (Partying!) culture and made a lot of new friends.


WEI.pngThey are now ready for a good semester of studies!


Sup'Biotech is proud to count the National Chiao Tung University from Taiwan, as a new partner university within a student exchange program.

The National Chiao Tung University offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate programs which cover a full spectrum of disciplines spanning science, technology, and humanities and boasts an AASCB-accredited management program that consistently ranks among the top five in Asia.


Our students are much looking forward to go study on their campus!

Discover the Summer School at Sup'Biotech

We are glad to share with you an insight of our Summer School. You are curious and want to see it? Please click here.



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